Catheldor Knights – Page 70

The party found the rest of the ride to Brandeisberg to be uneventful. The Catheldor countryside transitioned itself to Ildonia lands. Most of the fellow travelers they passed along the way did not pay any attention to any other travelers along the road There were no more run-ins with highwaymen or Ildonian military.

“They call this a mining town?” Thothen scoffed as the mountainside town of Brandeisberg came into view. “It looks like some foolish human burned down a clearing and setup dilapidated shacks.”

Miirik was the first to respond to the dwarf. “Actually, I’m pretty sure that is exactly what they did. If I remember my geography lessons correctly, this was once a boomtown built around a silver mine. The silver vein had all but dried up in recent years so the town has pretty much become deserted. The locals have not done much to keep it up.”

“Someone sure does know how to live it up,” Firae pointed towards a mansion perched on a far hill.

“Probably the mine boss’s mansion. Why don’t we ride into town and see what is happening around here.” Gaston took a swig from his canteen.

Main street was a bit more active then any of the travelers expected. As they neared they saw travelers of various different races buzzing about the Rusty Pickaxe Tavern. The tavern swarmed with activity. Men stood around the massive wooden bar that flanked one side of the building in an effort to keep thirsty habits wet. The six had to push their way through the crowd before finding a lone empty table with enough room for four of them.

Firae scrunched his nose. “What a hive of scum and villainy. We may be able to find some information around here.”

“I’ll ask some questions at the bar,” Thothen grunted before wading back into the mass of people who filled the room.

“The shadowy corners look to be full of potential,” Jarik said before slipping through the masses.

A waitress approached the table, “What’ll y’all have?”

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