Catheldor Knights – Page 67

The sun was shining on a beautiful morning as the six men road from Catheldor. “It has been quite some time since we last rode out of Catheldor together,” Miirik dared to broach the subject that was forbidden for them to talk about over the years.

“This time we’ll carry out our mission and not let Ildonians stop us,” Prince Arlin of Catheldor said.

Jarik rolled the idea of swimming in gold coins over in his head. “Speaking of last time, what ever happened to that dragon treasure? My extracurricular activities kept me from venturing out and finding the dragon again. I don’t suppose anyone else dared the dragon for his treasure.”

Most of the group shook their head no, but Arlin spoke up. “Once mother was safe from the grave I headed to the cave again. The treasure and any sign of the dragon was gone.”

Gaston shot the prince an evil glair, “You never told me of this. Why didn’t you bring me for protection?”

Arlin’s skin crawled. “I had to get out of the castle for a while, just to think. Those were some dark days for me and I had to get away from everyone, including you. Sorry old friend.”

“What do you think happened to the treasure?” Jarik asked. “Do you think the remaining Ildonians found it and took it when they escaped?”

Arlin shook his head. “I don’t think so. I’m no ranger but I did find signs of blood and damaged trees in that location. Something tells me that the dragon found the horses, ate them, and took the treasure back.”

“You didn’t go back to the dragon’s lair, did you?” Thothen asked.

“You bet I did. There was no sign of that dragon anywhere. Hopefully he isn’t off in some remote corner of the world plotting our demise. I’m sure he got a good whiff of all of our scents. They say that dragons have long memories and I don’t think I would want to be the subject of his rage if he remembers us.”

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