Catheldor Knights – Page 66

Gaston stepped forward before addressing his king. “Should we worry Prince Arlin will be recognized?”

“Arlin is so far down the chain to becoming king that most do not even know he exists.” The king said plainly. “There is little to no worry any rank and file Ildonians would recognize him.”

Thothen looked to the trade master before speaking. “I am under strict orders to stay by my master’s side while I’m apprenticing. Has that order been lifted?”

Naki Bravevein stepped forward. “This mission is of grave importance to our friends. It was my honor to grant approval for you to be included.”

“How are we to win the relics at the auction?” Miirik asked. “Are there state funds that we are to appropriate.”

“Yes,” Jirair said. “We have appropriated a sum of 100,000 gold coins for this mission. This money is part of the Mallvrann treasury and it will be returned if the relics are not purchased for us.”

“Are there any other questions?” Guard Captain Kaarlo said. Each of the young men shook their head no. “Excellent. Then you may be on your way. Horses will be saddled and ready to go first thing in the morning. We expect to see every one of you in the stables. Remember, you will tell no one of this mission. It is a very important mission and your lives may be in jeopardy the more that anyone outside of this room may know. You carry a large sum and bandits can smell gold. So be careful and trust no one. We expect you will return within a few weeks. If word has not been heard from you then one group will be sent out to find you. Hopefully as a rescue and not as a body collection mission. Good luck with this venture.”

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