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Large Red Numbers

Large red numbers Dimly illuminate Counting down the minutes Until the morning sun rises This bed Is not as comfortable As it once was The secrets of sleep Are no longer provided Thoughts race on by While I lay Awake No matter how heavy My eyes have become No longer Can I lay With arms […]

Catheldor Knights – Page 78

The crowd laughed at the auctioneer’s silver tongue barbs and quips. He had put everyone into a relaxed good mood, a mood which in turn should loosen their purse strings by quite a bit. “Let me do all of our bidding,” Arlin whispered to his friends as the auctioneer finished his pre-auction speech. “There will […]

Sitting On Steps

Sitting on steps Waiting for her to arrive I’m a bit early She’s a bit late I didn’t see her car pull in But I recognized her right away Even from the distance Short brunette pixie Smile ear to ear Big wave calling me over The perfect moment The perfect beginning The perfect day

Catheldor Knights – Page 77

The men filtered through the town hall. It was only the day before when the room was filled to the brim with items to view before the auction. On this day the items were no longer on display. In place of the rows of tables were rows of chairs. A stage area sat upon the […]

Mobile Writer

I feel like a tool Sitting here Typing away upon my phone To the casual observer I’m uninterested In the events around me Losing myself In Facebook Words With Friends Or whatever the kids play Upon their phones But I’m different Being productive Writing this poem

Catheldor Knights – Page 76

Roosters from a neighboring farm cawed on a bright and early morning. The six men rubbed sleep from their eyes and crawled from their tents. Arlin was the last to crawl from his tent for breakfast. “Sleep well?” Gaston said when Arlin emerged. “When did you find time to convince a woman to visit your […]


Much needed days off From the hustle and bustle Finally relaxed

My Eyes Are Closed

My eyes are closed But my brain can’t see The images playing out In my mind All that appears On the blank screen Is swirling black And gray Not the rolling green hills Or white picket fence Or even the little white sheep Bounding here and there Over the fence To escape the world Of […]

Catheldor Knights – Page 75

Dejected, Firae left the rude Zmatek Elementalist guard and returned to the rest of his group. “From what I can gather they have Galachir’s weapons here, but they are not willing to show them to the likes of us. That guard won’t take me seriously. He thinks we’re not the type of fighting men who […]

Rooftop Veranda Musings

Unlike previous weeks Today the lake Is the most brilliant of blues Not the pallid gray I usually find When on the rooftop veranda Escaping responsibilities Not far behind me But Only for a momentary respite Not like those Sleepily lounging upon boats Hooks in the water Escaping it all Life Responsibility For a day […]