Catheldor Knights – Page 65

After a short silence, which none of the young men dared to break, Captain Kaarlo stepped forward and spoke. “You six were chosen for your burgeoning skills, ability to work together in a bind, and young age and diversity. There are artifacts the Mallvrann elves would like to reclaim. These objects are about to go up for auction in a small mountain town deep into Ildonia territory. Your mission is to travel as a band of adventurers and acquire these objects, through the auction would be the easiest way. There is no need to alert our enemies that we believe these items to truly be of power or to over pay for what is rightfully ours.”

The elf diplomat stepped forward, “The relics are a staff and sword once owned by Galachir. As the legend goes, he was a magician-warrior who died in battle against a great red dragon many centuries ago. The sword and staff he possessed are said to have many powerful magical properties. These weapons are of great importance for our kind, as a link to our history. It won’t be until they are retrieved and our wizards have a chance to study them will be know if the stuff of legends is real or not. If they are indeed property of Galachir then they could also be used as potent weapons against us if they fall into the wrong hands.”

“Prince Arlin, you are to lead this expedition,” the king said.

“Yes my lord,” Arlin bowed. He was just able to get his words in before the king began speaking over him.

“Firae, you are to represent the elf interests and ensure the relics are treated with respect. Thothen, the skills you have learned under Trade Master Bravevein will assist in the auction. Gaston and Jarik, you have become masters in your respective fields of combat, in case the worst is to happen your job is to pull the fat from the fire. Miirik, keep them all protected with your divine energies.”

“Are there any questions?” The captain of the Catheldor guard said.

“Are we to be traveling as Catheldor and Mallvrann representatives?” Firae asked.

“No,” Gaston’s father said. “Tensions between Catheldor and Ildonia are too great. Even though the auction is being held by a third party, the location will be in Ildonia lands. There may very well be members of the Ildonia military there or you may be stopped on your way in or out. You are in no way affiliated with any kingdom for this mission. Part of the reason why Miirik and Thothen have been included is to add to the illusion that you six are part of an adventuring party or some such.”

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