Catheldor Knights – Page 64

Over the course of a few years the young men who had first fought together when the Mallvrann Forest elf delegation came to Catheldor had grown into men. They had grown to become competent in their respective responsibilities. Gaston trained as a member of the Catheldor Mage Hunter Corps. Prince Arlin continued his training under great wizard Mandel in the arcane arts while maintaining his piety with the god of goodness, Dian Cécht. Miirik worked in the fields and continued his worship of the harvest goddess, Demeter. Thothen worked closely under the trade master Naki Bravevein. Firae worked with the Mallvrann diplomats to keep ties with Catheldor. Jarik was permanently stationed as security for the elf diplomats in Catheldor and also picked up some coin doing nefarious jobs for the cloaked figure.

The young men remained friends and met for the occasional game of Spikes and Pikes. Gaston regularly challenged the others to duels, improving his skills against spells and swords alike. Jarik often was the first to pick up the challenge, improving his abilities to dodge between blows of a trained warrior. They never spoke of the events at the villa. When several mugs of ale loosened a tongue about the past the rest preferred to distract and change the conversation to their futures.

One day the six men were called to the Catheldor throne room. For the first time they stood together to receive orders from the king. The king’s voice echoed through the nearly empty chamber. Unlike most times a group was called to action, the room was nearly empty instead of filled with advisers. Upon their thrones sat the king and queen of Catheldor. Caption Kaarlo of the castle guard stood to one side of the room, he was flanked by Jirair, an elf diplomat, and dwarf Trade Master Naki Bravevein.

“We have a very important task for you six,” the king boomed from his throne. “It is a mission that will be wrought with danger. If you do not wish to partake in such a mission, please take this time to leave.”

None of the men dared to breathe.

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