Catheldor Knights – Page 63

Naki approached Thothen with a clenched fist. His apprentice stood proud with a puffed out chest. “This truly is a day to warm a teacher’s heart.” Naki’s fist flew through the air, stopping nearly a foot from Thothen’s body, as if he had punched steel. The trade master massaged his knuckles. “That is some defense you have there.”

“Aye,” Thothen smiled. “My magical shield may not stop every single blow that comes my way, but it should keep me protected enough in battle. Now I’ll let the shield dissipate and let you have another go.”

Naki grasped one fist in the other and swung with all his might. Thothen doubled over and coughed as the blow hammered square in his gut, knocking the wind from the young dwarf. “Looks like I still have it,” the old trade master massaged his knuckles once again.

“It sure does,” Thothen coughed as he steadied himself in an attempt to regain his breath. “But did you feel the resistance when you hit me. That would have been my magical protection deflecting some of the blow and mother earth absorbing some of the damage.”

“Yes, I could feel it. Thank you for the demonstration. If only more of our fighting men were able to protect themselves as well as you do.” Naki opened a locked chest and retrieved a dwarven crafted double bladed waraxe. The haft glistened and the blades were as black as night. “This weapon was crafted by our finest blacksmiths and enchanted by our finest wizards. It will withstand blows five times as damaging as what it would take to destroy normal weapons. The obsidian blade was made from metals which fell from the skies. Nothing constructed by man would withstand the blade’s sharp edge.”

“That axe is a work of beauty,” Thothen whistled.

Naki Bravevein held the weapon out to the young dwarf. “If you are going to wade into battle you might as well have the best tools available, it is yours. On one condition though, you must follow my instructions and learn what it takes to be a trade master. Do not go running off across the country following Prince Arlin unless you have my expressed say before hand. We have much work to be done ahead of us if this threat of war continues to loom overhead. Business will be good my boy, I can taste it.”

Thothen took the axe from Naki’s hands and felt the weapon’s solid weight. “Yes my master.”

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