Catheldor Knights – Page 61

Naki Bravevein muttered more to himself than to his young apprentice. “Thothen, Thothen, Thothen. What am I to do with you Thothen Gilrak? Are you trying to make Professor Nusigo Earthedge and Clan Lord Vogeme Steelvictor look like fools for sending such a brash young dwarf to study under my wing? They both personally wrote letters of recommendation as to how young and talented of a mind you are. You have only been training under my wing for a few weeks and you’re already trying to get yourself killed.”

“No trade master. I was only doing what I thought was best for our profit.” Thothen hung his head in shame.

“Then what in the deepest mines of Gullgruve were you doing gallivanting across the country side trying to get yourself killed. You are here to learn the skills needed to be a successful trader. There is much you could have learned by my side in the few hours before the Catheldor king rode out to find his queen. There was much in the name of sales work that was done. Knights that had been hemming and hawing over purchasing dwarven crafted arms and armor who had finally made the plunge. No one wants to wade into combat with inferior equipment.”

“I just thought,” Thothen interrupted his master, “I just thought that Prince Arlin would need me by his side and that my axe would help protect him. If I could prove to the humans that I am loyal to their cause, and could see what our weapons could do, then they would be more likely to purchase weapon from us.”

“You are fortunate things turned out as they did, that the prince did need your assistance,” Naki said. “But your actions prove there is much you must learn about business. One cannot make a profit if one is dead. Furthermore, while proving to be an ally in time of need may lead to increased sales it also leads to increased bickering for a price break and decreased sales from other factions.”

“I had not thought about it that way, Trade Master Bravevein.”

“Of course you haven’t. Which is why you are the student and I am the master.” Bravevein retrieved a mug from a shelf and topped it off with dwarven ale from a cask in the corner of his quarters in castle Catheldor. “Now, tell this old trade master about your battles. My warrior blood burns to have a waraxe in these old hands once again. Maybe some day I will have to dawn my armor once again, but for now I must live through you.”

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