Catheldor Knights – Page 60

Sera pouted. “Why don’t you go off to school and stay away from the trouble here? I’m sure there is a thing or two they could teach you about cooking and cleaning and nagging. You are such a mother hen.”

“Fine skills for you to learn if you are ever to find a husband,” Miirik elbowed his sister in the ribs. “Not that any man would want you in his life. It’s all I can do to get you out of my hair. Why would some man want a tomboy who can’t keep a good house?”

Sera backed away from her brother. “You don’t have any hair you smelly dragon. Jarik seemed to like me at the ball, maybe I should go find him. I’m sure dad would just love it if I brought an elf home.”

“He is only half an elf and you wouldn’t want anything to do with him. There is something not right with that boy. Go find yourself some nice noble when you get to school. I’m sure there’ll be plenty of lonely boys up there too.”

Sera looked up towards her older brother. “Are you going to miss me? Seriously, what are you going to do without me to kick around?”

Miirik shook his head, “I don’t know little sis. The older boys say my next year of studies will be quite demanding. I’m sure the priests will work me hard and keep me to the faith. Somewhere between the teachings I’ll be working in the fields. You know what dad always says, there is another harvest just around the corner.”

Sera nodded. “I’ll miss this old farmstead. I’ll miss you too, even though you stink so much.”

Miirik smiled. “Thanks sis. I’ll miss you too.”

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