Catheldor Knights – Page 59

Sera crossed her arms and stood her ground in the kitchen. “Why isn’t the king marching into the heart of Ildonia to punish this injustice?”

Miirik took a bite from an apple before responding. “There is more to the relations between Catheldor and Ildonia than the lust for blood and vengeance. Ildonia had no desire to invade Catheldor. It was the work of a man who acted without royal consent. There will be no great war.”

“Poop on their heads. The king should not believe that pack of lies. He should march on their lands and take their castle by storm.”

“All the more reason why you must go away to school.”

“You said it’s not safe in Catheldor anymore, but the king is not taking the troops to war. Why am I being sent away?”

Safety isn’t the only concern, mother thinks you need to be a proper lady. I don’t believe that will ever happen. At least not in my lifetime.” Miirik’s laugh was punctuated with a hearty snort.

“Poop on you too. I can be a proper lady if I wanted to. I just don’t want to. Running in fields and playing knights with boys is more fun than sticking at home and learning needlepoint.”

“Speaking of needlepoint, father said you never finished the birthday present you promised. When are you going to get to that?”

“Maybe if he wasn’t sending me away from all my friends I might actually make some progress on it. Besides, my needlepoint is a greater gift than anything you could ever do.” Sera stuck her tongue at her brother.

Miirik tousled his sister’s hair. “Just keep telling yourself that. My needlepoint is much better than yours.”

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