Catheldor Knights – Page 58

The Conner household was normally an idyllic farm of rolling fields and pastures. On this day the home on the outskirts of town wasn’t as peaceful as a normal day. Sera stomped about the kitchen, each footstep a thundering Clydesdale clomp. “I don’t want to go. Miirik didn’t have to go away to school. Why should I have to?”

A grin of sharp teeth emerged across Miirik’s reptilian face. “You have not been as equally blessed by the gods as I have. Being cursed with the flesh of a lizard is not as wonderful as you might think. I’d give anything to be sent away to the wizard school away in the mountains. But no, the king keeps me tied to Catheldor. I wish I could have learned from masters in a faraway land, but mother and father need me here and I am learning the works of Demeter from the castle priests.”

“Curses upon you and your stinky head,” Sera stuck her tongue out at her older brother. “It is just not fair. I know how to plow the fields and milk the cows. I can help out around the house.”

At time Miirik felt like a clucking mother hen to those around him. When they listened it was easy to hear he actually had words of wisdom to share. “It’s not safe in Catheldor anymore. If it was another time or place you could have been with us at the summer villa. Just count your blessings mother and father needed a day to secure the property before sending you away. You are better off not being a part of what happened at the royal villa.”

Sera stopped stomping about the room. “Tell me brother, what happened out there. Tell me about your adventure, the knights, and the magic. Did you kill any Ildonians?”

“That is something you don’t want to know,” Miirik looked away from his sister. “It was not a glorious adventure. There was nothing to be proud about. Even following the word of Demeter, the goddess of the havest, harvesting one’s soul is not a glory as the legends say. Even in battle, to take a life is a curse I would not wish upon anyone. Doubly so with witnessing the horrors inflicted upon the queen.”

“Tell me brother, what did they do to the queen? The kids at school say that they tortured and murdered her in front of Prince Arlin. Were you there too? Did you see everything that happened?”

Miirik sighed. “They didn’t offer us candy to tell state secrets.”

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