Catheldor Knights – Page 57

Jarik received directions from the cloaked human and by nightfall he was riding a horse away from Catheldor. The roads were clearly marked and it wasn’t difficult to find the home. The half-elf hid his horse amongst trees a mile away and scouted the wooded terrain around the home.

Three guards patrolled around the dark two story building. They watched the surrounding land as they slowly circled. Jarik hugged shadows and underbrush as he approached. The young half-elf’s blade itched to clear the path and drink, but his mission was to only deliver a message. The guard’s lives would be spared.

Jarik was as swift and silent as a full blooded elf as he slipped past the guards and penetrated the home. He stalked his prey, poking his head into each room as he passed it. A floorboard squeaked above, the man of the house Jarik surmised. He edged through the building and up the stairs, never making a sound louder than a mouse.

“Do not be alarmed,” Jarik said when he opened the bedroom door.

An elderly human sat up in bed and reached for a pair of glasses. “Who are you? What are you doing in my home? Get out before I call my guards.”

“I have a message for you,” Jarik handed over the envelope.

The old man slipped his finger under the envelope’s flap, breaking the wax seal. His face went white as he read then flush red with anger as he put the letter down. “Who do you think you are?”

Jarik bowed with a smile. “I am simply a messenger. Now, can I have your response to the question in the letter?”

“No,” the old man barked. “My answer is no. You can tell them that there is no way I will comply with their demands. They are unreasonable. You can also tell them to never come back to my home again otherwise there will be blood on the streets. I may be a lenient man, but even I have my limitations. I can afford many a thug to make life difficult.”

“As you wish.” Jarik said before disappearing into the night.

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