Catheldor Knights – Page 56

The cloaked man chuckled. “You’re right. It’s unfair of me to ask about your home. Maybe this question is more to your liking. Killing, does not bother you? Or does your conscience hide behind the elven crown, justifying death with a sense of duty?”

Jarik half drew his rapier. “Duty or not, I should slay a man for asking such absurd questions. After cleaning your blood from my blade I would enjoy a beverage and never waste one thought upon you again.”

The cloaked man tapped his fingers together. “Excellent. You seem to be precisely the person who I need. I have a job for you, if you are willing to earn some coin.”

Jarik sheathed his weapon. “What kind of coin are we talking about?”

“I know you are a smart man and I don’t need to ask that what I say stays between us. I’m sure even in Mallvrann, vultures find dining upon loose lips a meal most divine.” A pouch appeared in the human’s hand. He grabbed Jarik’s hand and poured gold coins into it. The half-elf nodded. “There is a very bad man. They say he beats dogs and tortures wayward fey creatures. Anyway, there is some property he stole from my employer. This is very important property that is worth a lot to my employer.”

Jarik scratched his whiskerless chin. “This sounds like a job for an errand boy. Why don’t you retrieve it yourself? Or have the Catheldor guard return it for you?”

“The Catheldor guard is no help to my employer, I’m afraid. It is a sad state of affairs, but the guard has an issue with my employer. I’ve been told it has something to do with the captain of the guard and my employer chasing the same woman in their youth or some such business. They would not lift a finger to help. I had heard of your exploits against the Ildonians and thought you would be worthy to assist me. When you are finished there will be another bag of coin for you.”

Jarik’s hand grasped the coins tight. It was much more than he would ever expect to be paid by the Mallvrann crown in a year of service. “You make a reasonable request. What is it you’d have me do?”

The cloaked man produced an envelope with a bright red wax seal from a pocket. “I need you to deliver this letter to him personally tonight. He is illusive and has many guards so you may have to sneak into his home. Make sure that he reads the letter. There is a question at the end, get his answer and return here tomorrow to tell me of his response. Do you think you can do that?”

Jarik snatched the letter and simply said, “Tell me where to go.” The half-elf had no need to hear anything about the target or contents of the letter.

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