Catheldor Knights – Page 55

Jarik waved a piece of silver for the bartender to see. “Another round.”

“You are Jarik of the Mallvrann elven delegation, are you not?” A human clad in dark colored robes slid into place beside the said to the half-elf. He patted Jarik on the shoulder, as if it was a warm embrace from a long lost friend.

“The one and only.” Jarik then took a long pull from the mug placed before him.

The human smiled. “I have a proposition for a man of your talents. Would you accompany me to the backroom for a more private conversation?”

Jarik eyed the stranger from head to toe. His hand rested on the rapier at his side. After the deeds at the villa, Jarik was high with hubris and didn’t fear the stranger. He nodded and the two made their way through the tavern. It wasn’t until they were hidden away in the storeroom did the stranger turn and speak.

“Rumors have it you fought well against the Ildonians. Knights say you took initiative and fought with a certain sense of elven flair.”

The half-elf beamed from ear to ear. “I was sent to Catheldor to do a job and that job is what I did. But I am confused as to why this conversation must be had in a dark room.”

The cloaked man tapped his gloved fingers together. “Fighting men talk. They said a vicious half-elf was unleashed upon the Ildonians, a man who didn’t fight side by side with the knights or his kinsfolk. That he stuck to the shadows and took vengeance in the most colorful of manners upon his unknowing opponents.”

“The dark is an ally which obscures my blade. What is this proposition you have? This tavern keeps me occupied with beer and barmaids.”

“How does it make you feel when you sink your blade into flesh? To kill a man who didn’t know you existed until he felt your blade in his heart?”

Jarik shook his head. “What is there to feel? My mission was to protect the members of our delegation. If anything, I felt a sense of accomplishment for a job well done. The princess and prince have returned home without harm.”

“Why have you not returned to the Mallvrann forest with them?”

“Who is it that asks such probing questions?”

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