Rain Threatens Every Corner

Rain threatens every corner
Of gloomy skies
Which morning rays
Dare to illuminate
A sun
A hope
We shall never see
If those who see portents
Of our times
Are to be believed
They cast doubt
Condemn bright futures
Days in which
We could bask in the sun
Take in the warmth
The protection
Our radiant god
Rains upon us
But gloom obfuscates
Keeping success at bay
Telling us
To hunker down
Weather the storm
It’ll never get better
I don’t listen
They were wrong before
Those weathermen of our future
And they’ll be wrong
It’s worth a roll of the dice
With fairly good odds
Today will be another day
In which they are wrong
And before day is through
I’ll step outside
To bask
Under blue skies
And the warming beacon
Of hope

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