Catheldor Knights – Page 53

King Laeron shifted in his throne. His eyes were closed, deep in thought and introspection of what the young Firae had reported. Somewhere beyond the tree top palace a songbird chirped a few bars, a song welcoming the sun. “Prince Arlin trusted you to join him in the hunt to stop the attackers?”

“He did ask us to join but my duty was to the prince and princess.” The young elf coughed. “It was not until the wizard’s tower lit up in combat did Jarik rush to Prince Arlin’s aide. I stayed with the prince and princess to ensure their safety.”

“Tell me,” King Laeron said, “why did the prince and princess travel with the Catheldor queen away from the safety of the castle? Why was the decision made to not return to the safety of the Mallvrann forest?”

Firae shook his head. “I was not privy to the conversations which made that decision, but what I had heard was that the king feared an Ildonian army was approaching and would cut off our route of escape to the forest. Our warriors are brave, but we would have been vastly outnumbered. The king wanted to minimize casualties if the castle was attacked so royalty was sent away to safety.”

“You do not feel you were sent to a trap? A way to have Catheldor enemies cut down elves in some misguided revenge plot?”

“We elves were treated equally with the most important individuals of Catheldor. There was no ploy that I could see,” Firae said. “The Ildonian wizard had led a band of warriors and anticipated the Catheldorian’s move. He had stolen a spell book and needed the command word to break the enchantments and open the book. His goal was to take the Catheldor queen captive and force her to speak. She did not and neither did Prince Arlin.”

“What happened in the cabin? Were the prince and princess harmed?”

“Your children weren’t harmed. The Ildonians seemed to only want information from the Catheldorians. Their interest in us elves was only as ransom. Only Jarik was harmed, a punishment for being more brave than wise. Our captors wanted to keep us in line and not cause any trouble. By the end of the day, we were able to escape and the Catheldor knights had arrived to battle the Ildonians.”

“I find it rather peculiar that the knights were able to tack you down so quickly. Sounds like a bit of treachery on their behalf.”

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