Catheldor Knights – Page 52

Firae stood before elf King Laeron of the elves. “The humans of Catheldor have been through a lot. They are a proud people who need our assistance.”

King Laeron sat back in his throne of oak and leaves deep in the Mallvrann forest. “I have listened to the prince and princess and their tales from Catheldor. I would like for you to tell me what happened in the human kingdom. You spent some time with a prince and I would like to hear your unique view of the events and of the humans.”

“Yes my king,” Firae bowed. “Catheldor was very receptive to our arrival. Humans lined the street and watched us pass. It was a hesitant joyousness, but joyousness none the less. I’m sure tales of the old wars shaded their hearts but they were excited to see creatures of legend amongst them.”

“I’ve been told they gave a grand ball to celebrate. Tell me, how did you come to be with Prince Arlin instead of with the prince and princess in the grand ball?”

Firae tried to hide his frown. He was unsure if the king intended to call his actions improper. “The ball was supposed to be a chance for us to acclimate ourselves amongst the humans. The event was very formal, by human standards. It was quite interesting to see their customs. When Gaston, the son of the captain of the Catheldor guard, approached Jarik and I for a game of chance with a prince of Catheldor we could not refuse. It would have been rude to turn down the offer and I took the opportunity to study the humans as they naturally behave.”

“You gambled with the humans?”

“Yes,” Firae studied the throne’s twisted oak legs. Marveling at how the curved wood reached up and supported the cushion of soft leaves. “I wanted to see them in a relaxed setting away from formalities. That short period of time taught me much about them.”

“What of the attack on the castle. Did they not accuse us of bringing death amongst them? Did they threaten to imprison or execute?”

“At least in my presence the Catheldor guard never thought we brought the attack and the king listed to his advisors. The dagger found had the hallmarks of being forged in Ildonia, the kingdom they feared war with. They may not have the years of knowledge an elf has, but the humans are not the gibbering simpletons our tales portray them as. They seemed ready to accept us and to forge an alliance.”

“There may be some hope for these humans.”

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