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Catheldor Knights – Page 65

After a short silence, which none of the young men dared to break, Captain Kaarlo stepped forward and spoke. “You six were chosen for your burgeoning skills, ability to work together in a bind, and young age and diversity. There are artifacts the Mallvrann elves would like to reclaim. These objects are about to go […]

Bastille Day Band

Sun punishes the makeshift promenade Band played under a bit of shade To clapping spectators Scattered about Under the noontime sun Not as many as the night before That is to be expected In the hot bright light But if anything This collection Guitar Keys Fiddle Accordion Hurdy gurdy Are more lively More better Than […]

Catheldor Knights – Page 64

Over the course of a few years the young men who had first fought together when the Mallvrann Forest elf delegation came to Catheldor had grown into men. They had grown to become competent in their respective responsibilities. Gaston trained as a member of the Catheldor Mage Hunter Corps. Prince Arlin continued his training under […]

Bike Ride

Legs churning fast, hard Wind whipping, clothing flapping Fun between my legs

Slant Ways

The night before last When day turned to night The moon was falling Slant ways Shouldn’t that orb Always be rising When darkness freshly falls I wish it were so But no Luna was setting In such a way That made me sad Behind the trees Never to be seen In all her glory Falling […]

Catheldor Knights – Page 63

Naki approached Thothen with a clenched fist. His apprentice stood proud with a puffed out chest. “This truly is a day to warm a teacher’s heart.” Naki’s fist flew through the air, stopping nearly a foot from Thothen’s body, as if he had punched steel. The trade master massaged his knuckles. “That is some defense […]

Verge of Wonderful

Everything once seemed On the verge of wonderful When you were cuddled In my embrace And we fell asleep I had wished We could stay that way All night through Without shoulder aching The only respite When I rolled away You curled up beside me Taking position As the big spoon Wonderful To have your […]

Catheldor Knights – Page 62

Thothen beamed in Trade Master Bravevein’s quarters in castle Catheldor. “It was a glorious day to be in battle. Those Ildonian warriors had not seen the fury of an enraged dwarf before. My mighty axe nearly cut them in twain with every blow. My muscles would not have burned with fatigue if it was not […]

Mid-Week Boating

Who are those people In the middle of a hot summer day During the heat of the week Who find themselves Boating across the lake Killing time Like it ain’t no thing No cares in the world No work No responsibilities Just the waves Kindly nudging the hull And a gentle breeze Cooling the deck

Catheldor Knights – Page 61

Naki Bravevein muttered more to himself than to his young apprentice. “Thothen, Thothen, Thothen. What am I to do with you Thothen Gilrak? Are you trying to make Professor Nusigo Earthedge and Clan Lord Vogeme Steelvictor look like fools for sending such a brash young dwarf to study under my wing? They both personally wrote […]