Catheldor Knights – Page 50

A scream rocked through the Catheldor castle chapel. Gaston ceased his pacing at the shattering scream. A scream he had never heard before but it was a voice he knew well.

“Your father has been returned to us,” the priest smiled.

“Where is he?” Kaarlo’s labored voice rocked the castle. “Where is he?” The chapel doors burst open and the Captain of the guard emerged. His armor caked with dried mud and blood clanked and squeaked with each step. Outstretched arms engulfed his son, who had become a large man in his own right.

“It’s good to see you, father,” Gaston laughed with a tear at his eye.

“I thought you were sentenced to follow me,” the captain laughed, “but I should have known better. Any son of mine is more than a match for any villain that may cross his path. I should have breathed easy when you didn’t appear next to me in Tormier. But I was worried that you had appeared in a different location.”

Gaston said as his father put him down. “They take care of your leg as well?”

“I think they couldn’t bear to hear me scream anymore. Having one’s soul torn from the heavens and crammed back into their body is painful enough as it is. Now consider how it feels when the body was nearly destroyed. That, my boy, is a pain I wouldn’t want to wish upon anyone. My resurrection has left me famished. Let’s head home for dinner.

Father and son said farewell to the priests and exited the chapel for home. The young priest too left the chapel muttering about Brother Egglebert not relieving him from the chapel. It was not long before the pair arrived at their quarters in the castle. The captain poured himself a large mug of ale while Gaston gathered ingredients for their meal.

“Son,” the Captain said, taking a long draught. “Tell me what happened. My arrival in Tormier was too fresh. I didn’t have the eyes to see through the chaos and peer back into our world. Tell me how you brought that bastard down and avenged your old man.”

Gaston lit the cooking fire. “I was not able to do it all by myself. After your death it was all I could do to keep from falling to my knees and screaming to the heavens.”

“My last charge was to buy you time,” the captain put his arm around the boy. “Tell me. What did you do with those precious few seconds I managed to acquire for you? Tell me of your battle.”

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