Catheldor Knights – Page 47

Brother Egglebert smiled. “Your intellect serves you well, young prince.”

Arlin of Catheldor stood and glared at the old priest. “I don’t believe you. Why do I look like the king and princes of Catheldor if I am not of Catheldor blood?”

The old priest shook his head. “You of all individuals should know that there are ways to make someone look like who they are not. There may not be so many ways for the good gods such as Dian Cécht to grant the ability to look like who you wish. However, those who have been touched by the gods of chaos have convenient ways to misdirect. Just as I’m sure Wizard Mandel has taught you arcane ways to obfuscate and alter facts.” Arlin’s face had no color or emotion or reaction. “Or have you not been taught any of the more useful spells? I’m ashamed and appalled at Mandel, a high wizard indeed. What has he been teaching in your elongated studies?”

Arlin took a step back. “You are saying spells are in effect that change my appearance?”

“Not exactly. There are spells in play that make sure your visage of a beautiful young prince doesn’t change.” Brother Egglebert waved his fingers as he spoke. The young prince could feel magic manipulating his body. Penetrating it. Changing it. He felt all the muscles in his body relax with the tingling magic.

“What are you doing?” Arlin was shaking. His voice wavered.

“Don’t be afraid. I’m just bringing your true potential to light.” The priest had a devilish smile. “Go to the mirror. Tell me, what do you see?”

Arlin did as he was told. The young prince bit his lip to keep from screaming. His hands pawed at his face in hopes to betray any illusion in the mirror, but the person who looked back at him matched his movements.

The mirror’s image did not match the handsome image Arlin’s mirror portrayed earlier that day. The mirror person did not have fine sandy hair or striking blue eyes. Tanned flesh was palled and facial features were dulled to a point where they were practically nonexistent. His nose was sunken and had two thin slits for nostrils. Full ruby lips were thin and almost blue. Hair was coarse dull brown.

“What did you do to me?” Arlin fell to his knees.

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