Catheldor Knights – Page 45

Thothen, Miirik, and Firae stood firm with weapons held at the ready. Heavy Calvary thundered towards them. The lead horse splashed to a halt and its rider lifted his visor. The king of Catheldor was before them.

“My lord,” Miirik said as all three young men dropped to one knee.

“Please tell me we have arrived in time.” There was sadness in the king’s eyes. He already sensed that they were too late.

“I’m sorry my lord,” Mirrik rose. “Your queen is inside the barn. She was brave and did not die in vain.”

The king dismounted and rushed past the young men. He stopped at the rear room’s doorway and fell to one knee. A tear rolled from the corner of King Bertrand’s eye.

The elf prince and princess stood at the doorway and watched the human king. Tears too welled in their eyes. Songs of mourning sprang from their lips.

“You can rest easy. The Ildonian threat has been laid to rest.” A knight said when he dismounted.

“How can you be sure? How did you know the danger was out here?” Thothen leaned against his axe.

“An Ildonain spy was found. He had worked his way into the king’s war cabinet. We found him last night when he attempted to send messages back to Ildonia. It didn’t take too long to make him talk. We rode hard all day in hopes of arriving before the queen. But alas, the spy held out long enough to delay our journey. If we only had more time.”

Miirik’s voice was soft. “What of the Ildonian army? Who protects the castle from attack?”

“Wizard Mandel remains at the castle with the bulk of our army. However, the spy had said he reported to a general, not the King and Queen of Ildonian. Our scouts have found no invading army in our lands, so we believe his words. It was assumed the general here would’ve convinced his royalty to strike first while the magic tome was in their hands. We shall see what happens in the future, but for now Catheldor is safe.”

Miirik nodded. “Yes, we shall see.”

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