Catheldor Knights – Page 44

Gaston stood over Jarik and the Ildonian. His voice was low and powerful, like that of an enraged dragon. “Step aside half-elf.”

“I’m not done cutting on him.” Jarik looked up towards the human and he twisted the blade in the Ildonian.

“I will not tell you again.” Gaston raised his sword.

“Thank you.” Tears streamed down Blondie’s face when Jarik stood. The Ildonian wizard climbed to his knees and clutched his wounds. “I thought he was going to kill me.”

“I did not say you could rise.” Gaston hefted his sword to his shoulder and looked towards his father’s body. When his gaze returned to the Ildonian his rage simmered and his voice was flat even tones. “My name is Gaston and I am a guardian of the Catheldorian kingdom. You have stolen my lord’s property. You have defiled and murdered my queen. You have killed the captain of the Catheldor guard, who is my father. Do you plead for mercy?”

“Mercy. I am your prisoner. Lock me away in your highest tower. I will fight no longer.”
Blondie looked up at Gaston. Rain washed away crimson mud from his open wounds. “Mercy. Mercy. Mercy.”

“Then mercy you shall have.” Gaston sheathed his sword. “You will return to Catheldor with us and the king shall decide your fate.”

Arlin emerged from the grove on the rear of the hill. He had followed the same path Jarik had followed in his ascent towards Blondie. Cold distant eyes peered out under his cloak’s hood pulled up against the weather. The rest didn’t notice the prince until he stood behind the Ildonian. Blondie coughed blood then fell back to the mud. A dagger emerged from his back, as if it had always been there.

“That was cold.” Jarik wiped his blade dry as best he could before sheathing it.

“That was justice.” Arlin said. The young prince turned and descended the hill.

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