Catheldor Knights – Page 42

The setting sun and circling storm clouds cast the battle into elongated shadows and eerie darkness. Magical blasts and clashing steel rocked the battlefield as men screamed in pain or victory. Heavy Catheldor warhorses trampled Ildonians and knight’s swords were dark with blood. Hard fighting Ildonians felled some of the well armored knights with their own might and magic.

Jarik circled the battle. He crept through darkened clumps of leafy bushes. When an unsuspecting victim presented itself, he pounced. A blade in his hand remained only a flash of silver between strikes. Each felled warrior brought him closer to the Blonde Ildonian leader who stood upon a hill and directed his forces and rained magic upon the Catheldor knights.

Gaston cut down the archer before him and joined Thothen in charging the last bowman. With each shooter they brought down the pressure upon the knights was lessened. The horsemen focused upon the soldiers and spell slingers. Fury raged in their eyes and souls.

Knights charged the mound Blondie stood upon. Arcane bolts streaked from his fingers and dropped any warriors who dared threaten him. A solitary knight pushed through the magical assault. His shield glowed with each spell it absorbed. A gout of flame leapt from the Ildonian and engulfed horse and rider. The horse faltered and fell upon the knight, crushing his leg. With his sword as a crutch the knight stood and faced his opponent.

Gaston fought his way thought the battlefield towards the hill. As he neared the knight’s features because clear in the shadows. The knight was no other than Kaarlo, the Captain of the Catheldor Guard. The knight was Gaston’s father.

“The might of Catheldor has defeated you.” Kaarlo’s voice was stressed with pain.

“Your Queen is dead and you are next.” Blondie laughed. Magical energies crackled between his fingertips.

“I will end you.” Kaarlo raised his sword high above his head and charged the Ildonian wizard. Each step upon the broken leg wobbled. A battle cry of pain and rage rang loud and clear from his lips.

Blondie stepped away from the charging knight and let his magical barrier deflect the sword’s blow. Kaarlo faltered upon his shattered leg and fell upon his shield. Energy cackled from the Ildonian’s fingers and a bolt of lightning illuminated the sky. Gaston’s father flew backwards from the force of the blast. Wisps of smoke rose from the fallen knight’s armor as rain began to fall.

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