Catheldor Knights – Page 41

Prince Arlin of Catheldor continued to fill the air with screams and sobs. Blondie’s voice could be heard above the Prince’s bellows and a rumbling din growing from beyond the building. “Someone shut up that boy. The rest of you prepare for battle. It looks like we have company.”

The door opened and a towering soldier entered with a strap of leather clenched in his fist. Jarik had hung slack against the wall but kicked out when the warrior passed. His leg hooked the big man’s shin and toppled him to the floor. Gaston leapt upon the fallen man and wrapped his bound arms around his head with the rope bindings tight against his throat. Laying on the floor, Thothen, and Miirik kicked the wind out of the fallen warrior while Firae rolled against the door to close it. The enormous man’s legs twitched then ceased to move.

Gaston worked the Ildonian’s sword from its sheath and cut through his bonds. Once free he freed the rest of the young men. Arlin curled into a ball and rocked back and forth beside his mother.

“I can’t wait until I get my hands on Blondie,” Jarik massaged his bruises. “I want to cut on him for a while.”

Gaston opened the door a crack and peeked through. Farming implements were scattered about the barn. No Ildonians remind in the building. Sounds of combat penetrated the stone walls. Through far windows he saw Ildonian warriors fighting Catheldor knights. “Knights have come to save us.”

In a corner were lay weapons the Ildonians had confiscated. The young men retrieved their arms and were ready to join the battle beyond the barn.

Along a far wall lay a barred door. Firae and Jarik dashed to the door and found the elf prince and princess huddled on the stone floor. “Catheldor knights have arrived. Stay safe in here until the battle is through. We will protect you with our lives.”

“Thank you my brave protectors.” The pair stood tall with the dignity of royalty.

Sword in hand, Gaston threw open the large barn door and rushed through to the chaos outside. Thothen was not far behind with his axe held high in his stone encrusted fist. The two attacked Ildonian archers that stood just outside of the building. Jarik followed but stuck to cover and pounced upon opponents as he crossed the battlefield. Each Ildonian the half-elf downed brought him one step closer to the blonde Ildonian leader. Miirik and Firae used found bows and rained arrows upon Ildonians.

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