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Sunday Afternoon

Putting my feet up Lazy Sunday afternoon Relaxing coffee


189 men once stood Villagers Farmers Bankers Store keepers Soldiers 189 men once stood Together As one To defend Land Homes Families Lives 189 men once stood Against The odds Bombardment Gunfire Knives Swords Thousands 189 men once stood Where my feet stand In this very spot With mud covered boots Sweat soaked brows 189 […]

Catheldor Knights – Page 51

Tears watered the young man’s eyes. “I was frozen. If it wasn’t for Jarik I would have joined you in Tormier. He sprang out of the shadows while I just stood there.” The captain patted his son’s head. “Man to man, tell me what happened after my death.” “Jarik pinned the wizard and cutting upon […]

Crippled Oblivion

Sitting Locked away In cubed cell Slaving away Staring Into oblivion The very box Holding me Captive I turn Cocked head slightly But pain Radiates A kink In my neck Crippled me Today

Catheldor Knights – Page 50

A scream rocked through the Catheldor castle chapel. Gaston ceased his pacing at the shattering scream. A scream he had never heard before but it was a voice he knew well. “Your father has been returned to us,” the priest smiled. “Where is he?” Kaarlo’s labored voice rocked the castle. “Where is he?” The chapel […]

Jazz Pops

Jazz pops From the tiny stage Nestled between Basement stairs And the men’s room Of this narrow Shotgun townhouse Establishment Dark beer head Fills to the brim Never overflowing From canning jars Conversations From dark recesses Simmer between beats Ensuring an empty sound Is never heard Between sets As the band jams And sun falls […]

Catheldor Knights – Page 49

Gaston paced back and forth through the chapel’s antechamber. A stream of obscenities rattled from his lips until he settled upon the king’s language. “I hate them. Those damn arcane spell casters do nothing but bring death and destruction. They don’t create, they just destroy. With a bit of glee I might add.” “One cannot […]

Red Red Wine

Glass is full of red Long-stemmed nose deliciousness You make me feel fine


Over the horizon Just out of sight Lays future untold Full of mystery and delight If each step is placed As carefully as can be Then all will be happy And good for me But If just one step Is placed out of line Then the land beyond Would be treacherous And in full decline […]

Catheldor Knights – Page 48

Brother Egglebert threw up his hands and spoke to the ceiling. “Were you not listing? This is who you are. For the first time you are looking upon your own flesh and blood.” Arlin’s voice simultaneously raged with anger and quivered with fear. “I don’t believe you. What did you do? What did you turn […]