Catheldor Knights – Page 39

Queen Heather Catheldor struggled against the Ildonian soldiers who dragged her into the storeroom with the young men. Her once beautiful dress had been ripped to shreds and marred with fresh stains ranging from black to red. Her flesh darkened with purple bruises. Blood dripped from the corner of her mouth. Red eyes were wide with desperation and tears streamed down her cheeks.

“Will anyone here tell me what I want to know?” As Blondie spoke a puff of flame grew in his outstretched hand. Flames encompassed his hand in curled blue-green hues. “This is your last chance boy. Tell me the command word to unlock the spell book?”

Arlin’s eyes met his mother’s. Her head swayed side to side. Arlin turned his head away to study the bare section of floor next to him again. The young prince’s eyes welled up with tears. His voice choked back sobs. “I don’t know.”

The blonde Ildonian sighed and flicked his wrist towards the queen. Flames leapt from his fingers and arched through the air to her feet. Arlin’s eyes met hers one last time. “I love you, Arlin.”

The Ildonian soldiers let go of the queen as flames raced up her body. Flesh sizzled in the intense crackling flames. Screams raked the queen as she fell writhing in pain. Thick black smoke billowed from melted flesh. When the flames and smoke dissipated all that remained was a charred corpse.

The Queen of Catheldor was no more.

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