Catheldor Knights – Page 36

Using his low center of gravity as an advantage, Thothen lunged toward the front of the wagon. Blondie was knocked from the wagon. Before the driver reacted, the dwarf’s fists had turned to stone and slammed across the Ildonian’s jaw. The driver spat out a shattered tooth and also fell from the wagon.

Gaston grabbed a guard’s crossbow and punched him in the gut. The Ildonian stumbled backwards and fell to the ground. Jarik pounced upon the last guard and slid his dagger between the man’s ribs. The guard rolled from the wagon and hit the ground hard, he didn’t move.

Spooked by the fight, the horses raced towards the tree line. The wagon bounced uncontrolled behind them. Thothen scampered onto the driver’s seat and reached for the reins in an attempt to control the careening wagon. The reins dangled below the seat.

Blondie barked orders before he was back to his feet. “Stop them. Shoot the horses. They mustn’t escape.” Crossbow bolts fell around the wagon and embedded into the wood sides.

The royals crouched behind the wagon’s protective sides. Miirik and Firae covered them with their bodies. Jarik steadied himself and worked on cutting free the last of the bonds. Arlin sat in the wagon and watched the sky drift above the sprinting wagon.

Crossbow bolts fell around the dwarf and horses. The horses neighed when bolts sunk into their flesh. Thothen grunted when a bolt found its home in his thigh. “Move it you flea burdened beasts.” The dwarf held onto the driver’s seat and reached for the reins. Pain surged from his wounds with each wagon bounce. A bolt penetrated his shoulder, the reins which were just in his grasp slipped free.

A horse stumbled and fell as bolts perforated its side. The wagon tipped and skidded into the earth. Wood splintered and the riders were thrown from the wagon. Ildonians rushed to the wreck. None of the riders had the strength to put up any further of a resistance.

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