Catheldor Knights – Page 34

Arlin let loose pain filled screams and slumped under the weight of the sticky webs that pinned him to the earth beside his mother. Trapped and on his knees, the prince no longer fought. He could no longer deny the Ildonian victory.

“I’m glad you have come to your senses,” the blonde Ildonian leader said. “As long as you continue to cooperate we won’t hurt you any further. Will you behave?” Arlin did not look up at his capture when he nodded.

A toothy smile grew upon the Ildonian’s face. He snapped his fingers and the webs melted away. Burly soldiers rushed in and tied the pair’s hands behind their backs. Arlin’s shoulders slumped and his head hung low. His listless body let the warriors do what they wanted with him.

The rest of the young men, as well as the Catheldor and elf captives that raised weapons against the Ildonians, were bound in tight ropes. Most struggled and growled a token resistance. The elf prince and princess allowed themselves to be bound and did not struggle. Guards kept their crossbows trained upon the rest of the captives who huddled together. A wagon was brought for the royalty to be carried away.

Grabbing each by their collars, Ildonian soldiers dragged the young men to Blondie. The Ildonian leader paced and eyed each one. All matched his gaze with a steely one of their own, all except for Arlin. After a few moments the blonde warrior spoke. “You failed to stop me in the wizard’s tower. It was foolish to think you’d stand a chance against my men today.”

“I’m not finished with you,” Jarik struggled against the warrior’s meaty fist upon his shoulder.

“Letting a half breed speak first? I shouldn’t have expected much less from Catheldor filth.” All looked to Arlin to speak. The prince stared at his shoes. “What do you have to say for yourself elf?”

Firae puffed his chest. “If you lay a finger on the prince and princess, I swear by the Mallvrann forest I will end you.”

“Predictable. What should I do with all of you?”

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