Catheldor Knights – Page 33

Gaston and Thothen held the defensive line against the Ildonians for as long as they could. Some of the Catheldor captives were able to escape the fighting. Ildonian crossbow archers rained bolts upon the fleeing captives. Some captives fell as they ran.

Two Ildonians rushed to their pinned leader. They hacked at the stone hand with swords, chipping it away with each blow. Blondie struggled free and the hand crumbled to dust when the magic gave way to the strength of steel. Once on his feet Blondie rushed after the fleeing captives. “Stop them you sorry sacks of sausage. Don’t let the queen escape.”

Crossbow bolts fell around the Catheldor queen as she passed Gaston and Thothen. A bolt pierced her leg and she fell. “Mother,” Arlin’s voice rang over the din of battle. Bolts continued to rain upon the queen but disappeared before penetrating her flesh.

Arlin screamed in agony. Divine and arcane energies erupted from the prince, knocking down Ildonians, as he fazed into vision. Blood poured from crossbow bolts that studded his tunic. Magical webbing sprang from Blondie’s fingers, pinning the Catheldor queen and prince to the ground.

Ildonian warriors swarmed Gaston and Thothen and the rest of the fighters, knocking them to the ground with a wave of bodies. Once again webbing sprang from Blondie’s fingers. White sticky ropes trapped the fleeing elven prince, princess, and Jarik. Miirik and Firae were tackled by rushing Ildonanian soldiers. The resistance which had stood in chaos had been crushed.

Large warriors flanked Blondie on either side as he stood over Queen Heather and Prince Arlin. “Now, will we continue to do this the hard way or will you allow me to go easy on you?”

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