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Catheldor Knights – Page 39

Queen Heather Catheldor struggled against the Ildonian soldiers who dragged her into the storeroom with the young men. Her once beautiful dress had been ripped to shreds and marred with fresh stains ranging from black to red. Her flesh darkened with purple bruises. Blood dripped from the corner of her mouth. Red eyes were wide […]

Large Project Looms

Large project looms Cresting the horizon Can we help those tasked With Atlas’ weight But of course We aim to please And take a bit of burden Off inexperienced shoulders But a bit Becomes a bunch And then it all But that’s alright We have time To plot and plan Build a foundation For when […]

Catheldor Knights – Page 38

Queen Heather Catheldor screamed to be let go. She screamed for Arlin to not say the command. She screamed for the gods to save her. “Last chance boy.” Arlin did not answer Blondie. “Have it your way. I will get my information one way or another.” Blondie and his men left the room and closed […]

Insecurities Rage

Insecurities rage When the night is dark And promised hopes Refuse to play out I know these games My mind plays Sending it round and round Chasing its own tail Keeping weary eyes open Dark recesses of my mind Remind me Of old ways Insecurities had been dealt with There are two bottles of whiskey […]

Catheldor Knights – Page 37

Eyes flickered open to the sounds of screams. Muffled screams from the far side of a stone wall. Arlin, Gaston, Miirik, Thothen, and Firae sat upon sacks of grain in a dark store room. A thatched roof hung above them, boxing off the stone walls and floor of the cottage storage rooms. The screamed voice […]

Empty Mug

My Irish coffee Unceremoniously Has found my belly

Thin Strip of Sand

Thin strip of sand Adorned with goodies From the sea Crabs Seashells Seaweed And least of all My footprints Marching along The lapping waves Single file Footstep After Footstep Clouds float on by Sunlight filters through Waves lap upon the shore Again And Again Each wave reaching Beyond the last Rolling through Yearning to caress […]

Catheldor Knights – Page 36

Using his low center of gravity as an advantage, Thothen lunged toward the front of the wagon. Blondie was knocked from the wagon. Before the driver reacted, the dwarf’s fists had turned to stone and slammed across the Ildonian’s jaw. The driver spat out a shattered tooth and also fell from the wagon. Gaston grabbed […]

Last Time

Last time Felt like The final time Something was in the air Reactions Words Gestures It was sad Hanging there But somewhere Deep inside I knew it was there The end Cracks had shown No turning back I hope I’m wrong But radio silence since Only proves I’m right No response to my messages No […]

Catheldor Knights – Page 35

Gaston spoke with the calm demeanor of a man in charge. “You will regret your actions when Catheldor knights get ahold of you. They will see you will be racked with regret for the remainder of your short life.” “Somehow I think I doubt your knights will risk harm. You six are a valuable commodity […]