Ode to Abandoned Education

Days had grown
So tremendously long
Full of Anger
A pinpoint of light
Lead the way
Not down the intended path
Where heartache and frustration resided
An alien landscape
Full of jagged lava rock
Which claw and slice flesh
Making the journey
I needed an escape
I needed an out
I was not ready
The outside world
Had not been explored
My soul had not grown
Into a being
The man I am today
When I crawled to the light
And stood upon the grassy meadow
With sun high above
A world to be captured
Lay before me
Destiny was to be of my choosing
Was an easy out
I’ll admit
To follow the light
And abandon the original path
My heart still hangs heavy
With where I would be today
And what could have been
All those years ago
If giving up
Was not my option
But the path I followed
Provided a different education
Taught by life
The choice
The mistake
The escape
Cannot be traded away
Would I want
My decision to be erased

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