Monthly Archives: April 2013

Story’s End

Standing on a precipice The edge of solid ground Nothing in front But open sky To the chasm’s bottom The journey is over No more frolicking Amongst the daisies While staying hidden From rampaging armies Of hungry orcs Only one way to go Over the edge And better learn to fly Or a new beginning […]

Rooftop French Music

Sitting on the rooftop garden. Crisp breeze on the air. Burgeoning spring grows around me. Music fills my ears. Lyrics I hear, but don’t understand. Beautiful words sung in tunes of French swirl around me. Teleporting me from this Midwestern rooftop garden overlooking a cold gray lake to a marvelous warm spring day along the […]

Lightning Bug

Lightning bug Buzzing Through the living room Be gone Don’t pester This night Any longer Peace And quiet Are needed For this poem To be written Tonight

My Friend Whiskey

The brown sweet liquid Comforts me When the days Wear long And patience Wears thin Holding the answers To all my questions Somewhere If not at the bottom Of this one Then at the bottom Of the next There is no one Who knows me There is no one Who comforts me There is no […]

Is it OK to Tattoo Your Dog?

On a cold dark night When those who abuse Become infuriated Argue Rant Rave They need protection From the beasts Who stalk the night Nothing will end Terror from claiming Another poor soul They will learn to adore The marked man Freed For now Told to fight To lead the way Explore rocky outcroppings Through […]

Piano Cat

Kitty cat At the piano Paws do bat At the keys Pitter pat Music plays Rat-a-tat Random staccato With my hat I run away From the racket

Spring Breeze

With a bit of nip On the wind The weather Has turned to spring Sky is blue To the horizon Lake matching its hue Fountains flow Spraying water Across the capital lands Soon this wind Will die down Spring Turns to summer And warmth Returns to this land

Yellow Post-it

Can a little Yellow Post-it Be a bit of joy To brighten Such a cold Gray Afternoon

Tall Hills

Tall hills Are a challenge Which builds Perseverance And strong legs

Daily Changes

The change you seek is outside your door… When you find it, it’ll be no bore. The change you seek is deep within… Just as it has always been. The change you seek is the fruit of your labor… Follow the example set by your neighbor. The change you seek is not just going to […]