An Old Man Laughs

Sand slips through my fingers
As each day hurtles past
My grasp tightens
To hold on
But it is to no avail
Grains slip through
Cracks and crevices
Behind me
An old man laughs
At my foolishness
His hourglass tips
Sending sand racing
Faster through fingers
I scream
These are good times
Let them last
With my youth
His only response
Is continued laughter
And standing the hourglass upright
Hastening sand
Sun and moon
Flash by overhead
Submersing me in darkness and light
Fly on past
Time and time again
I scream in pain
My soul wracked
In deep torment
The old man laughs
Red glows behind beady eyes
Returning the hourglass
To how it once was
Sand no longer flows
While a sliver of moon
Grinds to a halt
High above me
No longer ravaged
By a happy life
Speeding past
For now a darker place
Grips my soul
Turning it most foul
Make it go fast again
I whimper
The good times are gone
Wasted so fast
Only torment
Surrounds me now
It is much too painful
I beg of you
Make time fly
Once more
Bring me to good times
Then slow it down
Let me enjoy happiness
Not suffer prolonged anguish
Or at least take me
To the end
Once more he laughed
Shaking his finger
While caressing the hourglass
You shall submit to my will
I control what you hold most dear
Your time
Is mine to play with
This daemon was right
Soon madness will grasp me
Twisting and contorting my soul
I fell to my knees
And wept

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