Catheldor Knights – Page 22

Within a few moments the young men returned from the hidden cave. Jarik beamed. Gaston and Thothen had looks of despair.

“You look troubled,” Miirik said.

“We can take it.” Jarik danced around the young men. His feet shuffled and arm jabbed as if he was in a grand duel.

“I don’t believe we can take it.” Gaston said to Jarik. He then turned to Arlin. “Remember what we were saying about this land’s rumors? Well, it looks like we stumbled upon your dragon’s cave.”

“I thought it would be harder to find the cave questing Caltheldor Knights failed to locate?” Prince Arlin of Catheldor rubbed his hands together. “Is he in there?”

“Your knights weren’t traveling with a dwarf.” A smile cracked Thothen’s worried disposition.

“We would be standing around discussing what to do next if a dragon was in there.” Gaston said.

“You may have slain it.” Arlin smiled. “If I remember my trainings we have until just after sundown before he returns. A dragon would be out hunting during the day and would use the cover of dusk to return home. Which means we have some time before he returns. Show me what you saw so we can make a proper decision.”

“What if he comes back while we are in there?” Miirik asked, his eyes scanned the sky for signs of a flying dragon.

“I’m sure you can convince him to not harm a royal prince.” Arlin’s words covered any rebuttal Miirik attempted. “This beast is smart enough to not be seen when he doesn’t want to be. I wouldn’t be surprised if we never see him.”

“Alright, but let me lead,” Gaston sighed. With torches in hand and weapons at the ready the young men entered the cave.

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