Catheldor Knights – Page 21

Arlin had a wicked smile across his face. “When we find the dragon Miirik will talk to it while the rest of us sneak in and reclaim the treasure hoard.”

Miirik shook his head. “I’m with Firae. There is no way you can convince me to talk to a dragon, let alone distract it long enough for you guys to do anything. I don’t want to be eaten for dinner.”

Gaston glared at Arlin. “You didn’t feel it was important to tell us we were hunting a dragon?”

Arlin laughed. “Like you said, there is no dragon out here. Just a pack of wolves or maybe a troll.”

“Why don’t I believe you?” Gaston scouted the mountain peaks in search for any sign of movement.

The conversations changed to the things young men commonly discuss when left alone, glory in battle, athletic competitions, and women. They rode on until the sun had fallen low to the mountain peaks. The first twinkling of stars shown on the opposite horizon.

“Looks like it is time to set up camp for the night,” Prince Arlin declared as he brought his horse to a halt. “This is a good a spot as any.”

When Thothen dismounted he scanned the horizon. “Why don’t we camp out in that cave over there?” He pointed towards the foothills.

Putting a hand over his brow to block the setting sun’s rays, Gaston scanned the landscape. “Cave? I don’t see a cave.”

“I don’t see any cave.” Firae squinted and looked to where the dwarf had pointed. “Wait, are you pointing at that pinprick of black behind the second tallest fir tree? You have good eyes for a dwarf.”

“The stone speaks to me,” Thothen said.

The group mounted up again and rode to the well hidden cave. Even up close they needed Thothen’s direction to the hidden cave mouth. Once they arrived Gaston, Jarik, and Thothen disappeared into the cave while the rest unpacked the horses.

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