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April Poetry Month

Challenge approaches April poems once again Thirty days to write

An Old Man Laughs

Sand slips through my fingers As each day hurtles past My grasp tightens Trying Desperately To hold on But it is to no avail Grains slip through Cracks and crevices Behind me An old man laughs At my foolishness His hourglass tips Sending sand racing Faster through fingers No I scream These are good times […]

Catheldor Knights – Page 30

A line of individuals on their knees with their hands behind their heads were in the middle of the burning village. Armed human soldiers wearing the colors of Ildonia stood surrounding their prisoners. Catheldor’s queen as well as the elvin prince and princess held their heads high in defiance of their captors. The same blonde […]

Birthday Tea

Screaming kids Full of joy Dash to and fro Playing games Entertaining themselves As adults are lost Deep in conversation Celebrating the birthday Of one of their own Turned seventy A few weeks ago My all-knowing computer Flashed an announcement On a Saturday morning When I sat to write So an invite was sent My […]

Catheldor Knights – Page 29

The miles ground out under horse hooves as the group rode on in silence. None wanted to dare the gods against their good fortune of escaping from the dragon with bags full of treasure. All feared flippancy would call the dragon’s wrath upon them. By late afternoon dark smoke filled the sky ahead of them. […]

Swift Detachment

Off comes the Band-Aide Ripped ever so ceremoniously Tearing hair from flesh In a swift yank Now I’m left to sink Or swim Under my own power My own devices Fingers massage raw flesh More pained now Than the original wound But soon it’ll return to normal The scar will fade As if nothing was […]

Catheldor Knights – Page 28

Thumping of large leather wings shook the trees around the young men as their horses stood in the raging river. Leaves were shaken free from trees as the red dragon circled above them. No one dared to breathe, not even the horses. Seconds felt like minutes. The dragon gave up on circling and continued to […]

Day Drinking

Pass another beer Today is getting started Down the empty path

The Candle Burns

Days grow longer Nights grow shorter The candle burns On both ends Soon the wax Will burn away Leaving Only darkness

Catheldor Knights – Page 27

Gaston looked around the dragon’s lair and attempted to calculate how much treasure they were leaving. “Once we have some time away from the Ildonian threat we should come back and finish the job. This lair has stayed hidden for a long time, I’m sure the dragon will keep it that way for a while […]