Catheldor Knights – Page 17

Queen Heather Catheldor bowed as the king stormed from the throne room. “Farewell my love.”

“Good bye, father.” Arlin did not look up until the door slammed behind the king. Tears streamed down his face. “This is so unfair, mother. How can he punish me for doing what was right. Mandel’s secrets needed to be kept. We had no time to round up guards to investigate my hunch.”

“I know honey. He can be so ruthless at times, but everything will be fine.” The queen embraced her son. “You young men took care of yourselves last night and there was no injury our healers couldn’t handle. You have proven to me how resourceful you are. I will take the youngest with me in the carriage. Why don’t you meet us at the villa? Take your friends and some horses. It’ll be a fun little cross country adventure.”

Arlin looked up with damp eyes. “Thank you mother. That does sound like fun. I think I could use some time away from fathers iron fist for a while. It has been many years since I’ve last been to the villa. Going for a ride through Catheldor lands is just the sort of quest which could raise my spirits.”

“As a sign of good will between our kingdoms I can request those two elves and dwarf accompany you to the villa. They would be safe with us. Would you like me to ask for your new friends to travel with you?” Arlin nodded. “Good. Round everyone up and get going before your father knows you are off on your own.”

“Thank you mother,” Arlin smiled as he rushed out of the room. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” the queen beamed. “Have a safe journey and I will see you in the country. Don’t dawdle to long out there.”

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