Scumbag Mind

Scumbag mind
Roars to life
When it should be quiet
A habit
Nasty habit
From when I was young
Self-doubt demons creep
When I’m left to wander
Through squishy gray matter
So I learned
Taught myself
To not think
Live on autopilot
During waking moments
When I lay down
And all is dark
Nothing occupies my mind
Reigning it in
So it wanders
With the demons
While the moon dances with stars
Until morning breaks


  • :) Just one change, please: To not think should be Not to think.

  • James Dubeau wrote:

    Thank you for the suggestion and I do appreciate it. You are correct, “Not to think” would be a better choice, grammatically speaking. However, I have chosen “To not think” as an illustration of the lack of thought.

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