Catheldor Knights – Page 15

Gaston fell to the floor and rolled in an attempt to put out the flames which burned his tunic. “Your magic is dangerous.”

Arlin and Thothen too patted out the fire which burned their flesh and clothing. With the webbing no longer supporting his weight the prince fell to one knee. He screamed as he pulled the bolt from his leg and tried to coax the last of his magical strength into closing the wound.

Jarik rushed into the burning wizard’s chamber. “Through that wall,” Arlin yelled. Not hesitating, Jarik sprinted through the chaotic room. He did not flinch as he drew his rapier and took a leap of faith into the stone wall.

A silver bolt of magical energy streaked down a stairway when Jarik appeared through the illusionary wall. The magic burst in a glittery explosion against the curved stone wall beside the half-elf’s ear. Hasted footsteps continued up the winding staircase with the half-elf taking stairs two at a time in pursuit.

At the top of the stairs Jarik found himself in the wizard Mandel’s private bedchambers. The last Ildonian invader pushed a window open. The half-elf flicked his wrist and launched his rapier across the room. The blade stuck in the window frame beside the Ildonian’s head.

The Ildonian leader turned to face his attacker. He clutched the large leather bound book tight to his chest and laughed. Jarik drew a dagger into each hand and snarled. The rest of the young Catheldor defenders swarmed into the room and blocked the escape.

“Put that book down and you’ll live.” Arlin rushed beside.

“Not on your life. Your pathetic military will crumble under the might of the Ildonian military. Your lands will be razed to the ground. Your people will suffer for the injustices your king had caused against us.”

“There is no escape. Give up and we’ll show mercy.” Gaston took a step forward and sheathed his sword.

The Ildonian smiled and stepped backwards. “No mere child can stop me. For I am the might of the Ildonian nation.”

Jarik threw his daggers but the Ildonian leaned backwards and fell through the open window. Arlin rushed to the window only to see the infiltrator’s black cape open wide and flap in the breeze as if it were a pair of raven wings. The Ildonian disappeared into the darkness along with Mandel’s spell book.

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