Catheldor Knights – Page 13

Thothen snarled and held his ground as an Ildonian lunged for him. The dwarf brought his axe thundering down upon the thief who drew his sword and deflected the staggering blow. Rolling with the attack’s momentum, the Ildonaina’s sword sliced across the dwarf’s arm. Steel couldn’t penetrate the stony flesh.

At the sound of combat in the wizard’s tower a double clap rang from stairway. Torches which lined the stairs and tower chamber sprung to life. All combatants hesitated at the sudden blinding light.

Gaston rushed past the fighting dwarf into the middle of the Wizard’s sanctum. His longsword slashed across a stunned Ildonian’s chest. The man took a half step backwards and fell.

“Keep them off of me,” the Ildonian leader shouted as he continued his search for the wizard’s spell book.

“You will never get Mandel’s tome.” Light erupted from the symbol of Dian Cécht which Arlin held in an outstretched hand. The bolts streaked across the room, slamming into the perpetrators. Stench of singed flesh permeated the room.

“A prince of Catheldor would make a good hostage.” Ildonian leader waved a wand at Arlin and uttered a quick incantation. White sticky webbing launched from the wand and covered much of the room and the rest of the combatants. The spider-like webbing was thick and strong, as if a giant spider demon had been hard at work for three days.

Struggling in the web, the combatants continued the fight. Hampered movements could not deliver killing blows. Swords poked through the sticky mess, blades penetrated the webbing and pricked flesh.

Unable to needle his enemy Thothen slashed at the webs. The axe cut webs and freed the dwarf. His stony fist swung at the trapped Ildonian beside him, tooth and blood flew from the crushed jaw.

The remaining infiltrator not encased in webbing smiled and raised his crossbow. A bolt sprung from the weapon and found its home in Arlin’s leg. The prince screamed and his leg went limp. However he did not fall, the webbing held him upright, trapped in place.

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