Words on Ice

My words do not run
As once they had
Words of beauty
Words of grace
Words of joy
Have begun to falter
When your visage
Dances across closed eyes
Foolish as it sounds
Words fear to tread
Nervous and scared
Each word
A cautious step
Each phrase
An invigorated stride
Each stanza
A courageous trot
Each poem
An audacious sprint
Across frozen lakes
Where one hesitant step
One faulty metaphor
One erroneous representation
One malcontented personification
One… Bad … Word…
Would plummet through the ice
Each passing day
My words gain speed
Shucking fear
Each step may not be
Impeccably steadfast
Upon language’s frozen lakes
But they are words
Written upon the page
For your beauty
For your grace
For your joy
For you


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