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Context Is how we are judged When closed door dealings Haven’t been brought to light But when illumination reveals Deep dark truths Should the judging remain seated With original perceptions Which had been shattered Is it fair to rely on that context Until fallout had settled On the long nuclear winter Which would begin any […]

Catheldor Knights – Page 17

Queen Heather Catheldor bowed as the king stormed from the throne room. “Farewell my love.” “Good bye, father.” Arlin did not look up until the door slammed behind the king. Tears streamed down his face. “This is so unfair, mother. How can he punish me for doing what was right. Mandel’s secrets needed to be […]

Scumbag Mind

Scumbag mind Roars to life When it should be quiet A habit Nasty habit From when I was young Self-doubt demons creep When I’m left to wander Through squishy gray matter So I learned Taught myself To not think Live on autopilot During waking moments But When I lay down And all is dark Nothing […]

Catheldor Knights – Page 16

King Bertrand Catheldor stood towering over Arlin. His booming voice filled the throne room. “What in the name of Dian Cécht did you think you were doing? Those were Ildonian assassins. If they had realized who you were they would have stopped at nothing to kill you. A fitting punishment for your stupidity but in […]

Welcome Home

You are welcomed home. To frigid blizzards and ice. Miss Asia’s warmth yet?

There Is Something

There is something more Something more awaits me Awaits me from beyond From beyond the horizon The horizon concealed secrets Concealed secrets cannot be grasped Cannot be grasped in my hands In my hands there is nothing There is nothing to fill my soul To fill my soul would be necessary Would be necessary to […]

Catheldor Knights – Page 15

Gaston fell to the floor and rolled in an attempt to put out the flames which burned his tunic. “Your magic is dangerous.” Arlin and Thothen too patted out the fire which burned their flesh and clothing. With the webbing no longer supporting his weight the prince fell to one knee. He screamed as he […]

Last Snow Fall

Last snow fall For the season You snuck up After mischievous rain Gave spring illusions But not before One last arctic blast Freezing streets Freezing rain Freezing all Large patch of ice Under bike’s tires Trail twists Around a ditch Around a culvert Around frozen runoff Around broken bike Around broken bones Wheels refuse To […]

Catheldor Knights – Page 14

Ripping books from their shelves, the Ildonian leader continued his search for the wizard’s spell book. None of the tomes had the appearance of a mighty spell book. In disgust he heaved the shelves to the floor after the books. Cabinets and drawers were too ripped open and papers went flying in his hasty search. […]


Hope Why do I keep you Bottled up In a little clay jar Waiting for the day The perfect moment To crack the cork top And let you free When I could use you By my side