Catheldor Knights – Page 7

Gaston drew his sword and led the trio through the dark Catheldor castle halls. Prince Arlin trailed behind the two warriors. Thothen stuck to the middle with axe at the ready. Shouts echoed through the halls as guards cleared the castle in search of the Ildonians.

They were passed by soldiers rushing through the castle. Some had offered to guide the young men to the safe rooms for protection. Each time Gaston assured that he was under orders to guide them to safety.

As the trio journeyed to the castle east wing the guards reporting shouts grew quieter. The Ildonian search was focused on the west wing ball rooms and royal chambers. There was no activity in this section of the building. Normal inhabitants of this castle area had either made their way to safe areas or barricaded themselves inside rooms.

“Are you sure the Ildonians will be in this direction?” Thothen whispered. “This area is emptier than a keg at Clan Lord Steelvictor’s coronation.”

“I am sure of it,” Arlin whispered back. “The quieter it gets the more positive I am that I am right. Now hush up or else they might hear us.”

Redoubling their efforts to be quiet the three crept through the castle. Each pretended to not be quaking in fear. None had ever truly tested his mettle against another man in a life or death struggle. They were as ready for a fight as the young men could muster.

Deep in the east wing Gaston poked his head around a corner. “Looks like you are right Arlin.”

Laying spread eagle across the hallway was a castle guard’s body. A pool grew around a gash savagely cut in the throat. Red smears were on the walls and floor. It was a vicious and messy kill. The Ildonians were close.

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