Dear Muse

Dear Muse
How can I be inspired
You torment me so
With that smile
And twinkle in your eye
When you visit
But yet you leave me
Battered and bruised
Weary fingers
Cannot grasp a pen
It falls before scratching the page
But your mark is beside me
Handprints upon the wall
A sign of our times together
Marks that should
That could
That would
Wake me from weary slumber
Shake cobwebs from heavy eyes
Guide my hand across the page
Letting loose
Torrents of black
Upon the sea of white
An uninterrupted river
Instilled by fiery passions
Feeding strength
Until I lapse
Needing you again
I must ask of you
Do not plague my mind
With whirling words and images
When eyes are closed
And clock flips to morning
Grant me a wink of sleep
So that I may regain
My sanity
My mind
My ability to create
During waking hours

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