Catheldor Knights – Page 6

Gaston untied the ceremonial peace knot which held his bastard sword in its scabbard. “Elves are strange folk. What is this cunning plan you already have worked out? Spill it. Where are we going to find the Ildonian assassins and earn our honor?”

Arlin paced the length of the table. “Assassins don’t just leave bodies and daggers behind so they are noticed. They wanted the bodies to be found so that we would worry about assassins attempting to kill royalty. Soldiers would be mustered to protect royalty as well as hunt the attackers. I believe the timing of this attack was not random. They wanted us to have to protect the elves. This is nothing more than a distraction so that they will have no trouble with what they are truly after.”

Thothen hefted his axe to his shoulder. “What secrets does your castle hold? What are they after that can only be procured tonight?”

“Like all castles this one holds several secrets. A band of a few men could penetrate our defenses but unless we have spies in our midst it would take time for infiltrators to find our best protected secrets. They knew what they were after before they stepped onto Catheldor soil. I believe they are after Master Mandel’s tome of war spells.”

Gaston’s jaw dropped. “Mandel would be protecting royalty not protecting his tower. With all of the commotion a team of thieves could swoop in and steal it.”

“Without that tome our army would not stand a chance on the battlefield. I hesitate to think what atrocities the Ildonian army would do with the spells in that book.”

“Why are we still standing around discussing this? Lead the way to the wizard’s tower and I’ll kill those burglars for you.” Thothen marched across the dining hall.

“I like the way the dwarf thinks. Stay behind me Arlin, your safety is my priority.” Gaston led the group from the dining hall.

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