Catheldor Knights – Page 1

A small band of men dove between shadows as they approached Catheldor castle. Music and revelry from the gala ball wafted from the massive stone building. Every human in the kingdom from peasant to royalty had trepidation laced jubilation with the arrival of the elf King Laeron and his entourage. The castle guards did not notice the approaching shadows. Their minds were focused on the elves in the castle.

The Mallvrann forest elves were a secretive collective. Tales of when they ventured from the forest kingdom and ravaged the countryside were well known by even the youngest farm boy. Over 300 years ago several kingdoms banded together and pushed the elves back into the forest. An uneasy peace was maintained while King Mirchir ruled the forest.

Not long after King Mirchir had died the seers came to the new King Laeron with a warning. The mists of future days showed a world in turmoil. The seers viewed a world where power hungry kingdoms full of evil men and monsters far to the east brought war and conquest. Unsuspecting kingdoms were wiped out or enslaved. Even the great Mallvrann forest was turned to ash and the elves were wiped out. King Laeron would not sit idly by and wait for his people to be destroyed. The elves searched for kingdoms willing to ally with them. Most feared it was an elaborate ruse for the elves to ravage the country side once more. Only one kingdom dared to answer his call, that kingdom was Catheldor.

Guards stood at all of the castle entrances. Even though the week had been quieter than a snow covered field they stood ridged and ready for elf treachery. No man had seen an elf in 300 years and lived. At a side entrance two stood watching for uninvited guests. They did not see the dark movement of the shadows in the town surrounding the castle.

A flash of silver streaked across the night air. Blood flowed around the dagger handle which appeared in the guard’s throat. Before the other could raise his halberd two more streaks crossed the darkness. He too fell without a sound.

High above the side castle entrance a young man peered from an open window. Starlight glinted off his purple scales as he peered across the town. Laughs from his friends beckoned him from the window.

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