Three Years

Three years ago
On this very day
I sat up in bed
With an epiphany

My blog was not enough
To share writing
With friends
And the world at large
I needed a space
Of my very own
A writing nook
On these fair tubes
To house my writings
And stories

But what shall I call it
My voice did tremble
Calling my muse
In the dark hour
She reminded me of
The pants I wore that day
With an ink splotched pocket
Where a pen once leaked

In this domain
The site was born
But life has a way
Of hiding intentions
In dark recesses
Where not until now
Three years later
Dreams can happen

This is just the first
Of my creative words
To flow onto these pages
As poems and stories
Just as my jean’s pocket
Had been stained with ink
All those years ago

Thank you
For reading


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