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Through Bleary Eyed Glasses

Through bleary eyed glasses Big thick white puffs of snow fall There is weight to the snow Falling hard and wet Covering over bare patches Where spotty Wisconsin winter Warm sun shining days Had melted away to green I had watched her Disappear into the snow Through these glasses Smudged by her flesh

Catheldor Knights – Page 8

Gaston held his hand over his mouth. “Alfano was a good man but father always said he was the worst of the lot on patrol. I’d bet he was sent this way to keep from fouling up the search in the west wing.” Arlin dipped his finger in the pool. “I was right, his blood […]

Vivid Lives

Two hours ago Eyes were heavy Sleep not far behind The only cure for winter cold But it was too early Much too early To simply sleep I turned to my old Forgotten friend A novel on my bedside table The pages turned Action roared A killer caught More were sought And the voices lived […]

Catheldor Knights – Page 7

Gaston drew his sword and led the trio through the dark Catheldor castle halls. Prince Arlin trailed behind the two warriors. Thothen stuck to the middle with axe at the ready. Shouts echoed through the halls as guards cleared the castle in search of the Ildonians. They were passed by soldiers rushing through the castle. […]


I do not believe It’s just a coincidence When it must be fate

Dear Muse

Dear Muse How can I be inspired You torment me so With that smile And twinkle in your eye When you visit But yet you leave me Battered and bruised Weary fingers Cannot grasp a pen It falls before scratching the page But your mark is beside me Handprints upon the wall A sign of […]

Catheldor Knights – Page 6

Gaston untied the ceremonial peace knot which held his bastard sword in its scabbard. “Elves are strange folk. What is this cunning plan you already have worked out? Spill it. Where are we going to find the Ildonian assassins and earn our honor?” Arlin paced the length of the table. “Assassins don’t just leave bodies […]

Once Long Ago

Once long ago Was a time of happiness When birds did sing Life was full of joy That time did pass As all good times do Never to return again No matter if I begged No matter if I pleaded To god above Or devil below Nothing would change Time would not turn back I’ll […]

Catheldor Knights – Page 5

Thothen drained the last of his beverage and stood. His chair skidded across the room and fell with a bang. “You have my axe. Once you see dwarven steel in action you will want to outfit the entire army with our weapons. Be sure to tell your fathers to ask Trade Master Naki Bravevein for […]

Long Dark Days

Long dark days Unable to melt snow and ice Upon the ground Upon my soul Illness followed cold This year Last year And year before Lingering for days Weeks Months Getting no better No worse Always present Until well beyond I’m sick of being sick Sinuses clogged Slowly draining Raw throat Talk unbearable If only […]