Focused Upon The Screen

Focused upon the screen
See it all
No obstructions
Laser sight
Screen doubles
Until highlighted
Upon glass
In a fidelity
Reserved for focus

Hard Candy

Hard candy in my mouth Sweet Savory I could suck upon sweetness Until it’s gone Like the quest to the middle Of the tootsie roll pop But Just like the oh so wise owl I cannot lick And suck For hours on end Food is meant to be eaten Masticated Devoured Which is what I […]

Cold Lonely Nights

What am I doing On these cold nights Looking Longing For another body To share bed with But yet I cannot sleep Not the whole night through Not when I’m sharing bed With someone new

Black Dots

Black dots Across the ice Huddled over holes Hooks Lines Rods Waiting for a catch The next meal To justify Time in the cold Waiting Watching Insanity I say Tucked away In the warm indoors

Lake Ice Returns

More ice forms Across the lake Where once there were puddles There’s only ice Splatterings of snow As well For a freak fall A few hours back Hopefully By tomorrow Warmth shall return And cast out Ice’s wicked ways

Folded Napkins

Folded napkins Feathered from mugs Upon white linen covered tables Beautiful arrangement Precisely placed Upon each table With only the care A wage slave would know A nice neat order Exacting As the boss demanded As the boss Could never do On their own

Random Line Breaks

What are these words These crappy words I write Upon the page Is it really A bit of poetry Eh Probably not More just thoughts Journal entries With Random line Breaks But I think it helps To keep creativity flowing Little vignettes Of creativity Words upon the page During short breaks To escape responsibilities For […]

Shades of Gray

Snow falls A light dusting Obscuring mists In the distance Blurring out black Tree-line Between gray sky And lake ice Hypnotizing To shades of gray

White Death End

It was as if Thousands of souls Screamed out In one voice Against white death From the skies Agonizing torment Before frigid black Along the trail blazed path Behind Alderaan And Vulcan

Narrow Perception

There are times Where everything looks perfect To the untrained eye Locked upon a perspective With a narrow field of vision Ready to be blindsided With the ugly truth Truth Which in hindsight Was there all along If eyes could’ve been opened To every aspect Upon the horizon